February 1st, 2005.

Mid-life crisis.
An unfinished 'Meanwhile.'

The following article was left unfinished and unedited and should be read as such. Notes can be found below the article.

I wonder, am I having a mid-life crisis without realizing it? Let's see, I bought a sports car... the girls I date aren't anywhere near their 30's... and I still steal music online. Hmm? But hang on, I am not going bald. So I'm not eligible for mid-life crisis funding. I also haven't taken up any kind of mid-life substance abuse.

I also plan to live beyond 100 years old, so the way I see it I am not eligible for a mid-life crisis until I am at least 46. And if 40 is the new 30 then maybe my mid-life crisis will be pushed back to my late 50's which I recently heard someone say was more like your 40's these days. So by my calculation, I am not due for my mid-life crisis until I am like 66, which is a double whammy bonus because that means I am all set to live till I'm like 132!

Okay, no need to think about the mid-life crisis just yet then.

--- Article Notes ---

Time of death : 23:58
I often start writing about whatever I'm thinking about, just to see where it goes. This one started and ended very quickly and was really too short to be published as a main 'Meanwhile' article.