December 30th, 2005.

An unfinished 'Meanwhile.'

The following article was left unfinished and unedited and should be read as such. Notes can be found below the article.

So these are just some conversations that I overheard this year. I wrote them down and thought maybe I'd use them somehow.


Portland Coffee House between two travelers.

I lit myself on the fire the other day.
[Laughs] For real?
[Laughs more] What the fuck man?
My clothes were all like buring and on fire and stuff. Then this dude was like 'Dude you're on fire' and I was like 'hello dumbfuck, I know!'
[Laughs] So then what happened?
I put myself out. I just wanted to see what it was like to be on fire.
Man, I thought I was a messed up motherfucker. [Laughs more]
I got in a fight once to see what it would be like. The guy was way bigger than me and he wouldn't fight me. In the end I had to spit in his face before he'd hit me.
Did you whip him?
Na, he beat the shit out of me. I threw a few punches, but I didn't really want to, but I knew he wouldn't keep hitting me unless he felt like I was hitting back. I just wanted him to beat the crap out of me so I knew what it wass like. You know?
I got whipped bad once.
Yeah I was in jail in Georgia. Motherfuckers put me in the hospital and they gave me like a hundred and fifty milagrams of valium or some shit. I was like shaking and all that shit. I was like 'Dude, serious motherfucker!'
[Pause as the two guys drink]
I still feel drunk.
I still feel drunk.
Motherfucker tell me about it. Shit man the room has been... it's been... the room... motherfucker is all I can say man ya know?
You lived in Georgia?
Yeah, I'm still like a fugative or something. I got outta jail kuz some black Christian dude vouched for me os some shit. Moment I was outta there man I was like hitchhiking outta that fucking place. Motherfuckers never saw'n'said shit to me since.
My Dad's from Georgia. I should send him an email.
[Both laugh loudly]
It's gotta be like nine o'clock by now, lets go to road lawyers and get something to eat.
Fuckin lawyers.
Yeah, motherfuckers, but I got like a warrent for second degree armed robbery or something like that.
Fucking A.
Come on.
[They leave]


Snippets of conversations I overheard while having breakfast in Marika's cafe, on Cabot Street in Beverly, Mass.

- First -
Patterns are okay but what I don't like is the crazy way they mold you into an all American, you know what I'm saying.
Yeah, like my Mom, she like goes to the store and gets like...
[Laughs] Yeah - Chicken - Ha ha. It's like her thing.
Yeah, and while that's okay, I kind of like the whole not having a job thing, you know. The money is a drag, but it's nice not to be a pattern person you know.
Yeah. It's like today, coming here with you, that's totally not what I usually do, so you've helped me break away from a total pattern that was forming in my life.
Oh my god yeah!
This is so cool, it's fuckin awesome.
Alright then!
It's like yesterday I taught myself how to do caligraphy.
Yeah. Dude I can like totally do caligraphy now. It's like tap dancing.
Do you still do that?
[Laughs] Oh yeah, in Salem.
[Laughs] No way.
We had a recital.
Oh my God really, like where, on a stage?
[Laughs] yeah!
Oh my God, you have to let me come watch next time!
[Laughs] I even do the little steps and things!
Where do you practice?
Right across from Jerry's Army and Navy, near the Irish bar and Dunkin Donuts, you know?
You know I know, but I don't know.
You should look into it now, because like the clock has probably totally already started.
Oh man, that would be fun.
You should go, it's awesome.
That's great. I'm gonna do it.

- Second -
I can't be a blood doner. I lived in England and ate British beef so like there's totally a risk of, like, mad cow desease.
Oh totally.
I weighed like 120 pounds when I went there, but when I came back... oh brother!

- Third -
I think it's really different with him because he really likes me, you know what I mean?
Uh huh.
Other guys liked me you know...
Uh huh.
But he, you know, really likes me like me, you know?
Uh huh.


Overheard in a Dunkin Donuts in Boston

Guy walks in the door and the guy behind the counter starts laughing. Guy who walks in shouts in a very broad Bostonian accent...

Hey, you still looking for a car?
[Laughs] Well....
Like I have found you a really good one.
Well no, actually it's a piece of shit.
[Both laugh loudly.]
Hey get me a coffee will ya.
What do we look like a Dunkin Donut or something?
[Laughs] Did I ask for a Donut? I don't think so!
There's a Starbucks down the road man, I think they'll be able to help you out there.
[Both laugh very loudly again.]
What down the road here? (He points and opens the door)
Yeah keep walking wise guy.
[Laughs] That's me. (Waves and walks out laughing loudly without purchasing a thing)

--- Article Notes ---

Time of death : Not specified
Strangely I didn't write anything about the people involved in these conversations. I guess I figured I would use them quickly and so I would remember. Of course, I can't remember anything about the people involved. I like them though, I can picture them happening.