August 2nd, 2002.

On a bus to Seattle.

I'm on a bus from Tacoma in Washington, to Seattle. There isn't much to do on a bus apart from look out of the window, and as no one has cleaned the window on this particular bus for what looks to be about five years, I can't see much. So I am on a bus using my laptop.

Don't you just hate people who use laptops on buses? Fair enough if you're on a plane using a laptop, that seems acceptable, but people who use their laptops on buses are just posers aren't they. I mean if you're well off enough to own a laptop, then your well off enough to get a cab! Using a laptop in a cab would be acceptable, but hey, not on a bus. On a bus your just showing off, and no one is impressed.

I have an excuse though. It's the only acceptable 'bus laptop usage' excuse I know. See I'm not a local, so the usual rules do not apply. I am not even American, so the entire 'bus laptop usage' thing needs to be looked at from an entirely different perspective.

You see in this case it's okay for me to use a laptop on a bus because I don't have a magazine or book to read, I can't take any pictures and, well, I am a tourist. That means I can freely do stupid things and get away with it because I am just some random tourist and as such I don't know any better.

Come to think of it I have no idea if it's safe to use a laptop on this bus? Let me just subtlety check out the other passengers and see if any of them are potential muggers.

Okay, well there's a kid over there asleep. No threat from him I think. He's a bit nerdy looking anyway. Probably a Microsoft Windows guru at the grand old age of fourteen. He'll go on to work for Microsoft when he's older before moving to a smaller software company for better money, stock options, and more time at home with his lovely wife and kids that he would have accumulated along the way.

To the left of me, there's a young woman who is also asleep. She is in the low threat category I feel. She has very pointy shoes on. I wonder if maybe she has pointy toes and that's why she is wearing those odd pointy shoes?

Next to her is a man who, by the look of things, loves to eat McDonald's. He's huge! His hands are all puffy like baby hands except much bigger. The belt he's wearing looks painful as it squishes in all his fat. I can't see if he too is asleep, let me just lean forward... Yeah, he's sleeping too.

Okay, we're on a highway now. Not much to see. Wait a second, there's a big sign telling us how many miles to the next McDonalds, TacoBell, and Burger King. Great!? Mr. Health and Beauty next to me probably knows where they are anyway, so no need to tell him. He's sleeping anyway, so I don't want to wake him. He's probably dreaming of burgers, large fries, and a large Coke.

Behind them are two Asian people, a husband, and wife by the looks of it. They are wearing matching lumberjack shirts. They're also asleep. The woman behind them, also Asian is asleep too. No one is making a sound. It's seven minutes to ten in the morning and it would appear that no one apart from the driver and I are awake.

Speaking of the driver, she is gorgeous! She's got fantastic chocolate skin and huge eyes. I didn't have the right change to get on the bus so she has let me ride for a dollar! So she's kind as well as a gorgeous, bonus!

I wonder what made her become a bus driver. I wonder if she always wanted to be a bus driver. I mean she looks like she could be a model but instead she is driving a bus. I'm not saying that it's not a valid career or anything, it's just that you don't often find gorgeous bus drivers. Though I have to admit to not taking that many buses. So I can't speak with any authority on the state of buses and their drivers.

Maybe this is the norm. Maybe all-female bus drivers are gorgeous? Perhaps this is a great untapped source of beautiful women? It would make for a great 'how we met' story, wouldn't it?
"So how did you guys meet?"
"Well, she was my bus driver."

Okay, we're still on this highway. I guess that when we turn off this highway the stop will be real quick, so I'll probably have to finish this up in a big hurry. I can't see the city yet though?

You know it started cloudy this morning so I put on a light fleece thinking it would stay cloudy and cool just like the weatherman said. Now though the sun is beaming through my dirty window and warming the side of my face. The clouds are few and far between and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day in Seattle. I hope so, I have never been to Seattle before.

Oh wow, I can see the city out of the right side of the bus now! Wow! Skyscrapers! I love skyscrapers! Okay, we're pulling off the highway.

I have everything I need. Camera, films, money. I spent a few minutes on the bus earlier just familiarizing myself with the camera because I only bought it yesterday. I think I've got it figured out now.

The bus driver just said we're coming into Seattle in a few moments. She has a nice soft voice. She could be a sultry singer with that voice. She must have wanted to be a bus driver I guess because she is beautiful, kind and she has a sultry soft voice!

Oh wow! This is so cool. I'm going to spend the day in a city I've never seen before! Seattle looks like my kinda place. Now I am excited! I love cities! I think I'll 'de-bus' as our sultry bus driver says when we get to the tall buildings. I hope I'll be able to get to the top of them, maybe they'll have viewing galleries?

Okay, I think we're going to stop soon so I'll pack up my laptop and get ready for my day's adventures.

No one's sleeping now.